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Anonymous asked:
Actually, it came about because of a poster of Shizuo and Izaya I have. Well, sorta. We're going to be painting my room, and my grandma's argument for a color was that it matched "the guy in the blue". It was a funny debate. Oh, and I'm not sure if you remember, but I sent you an ask awhile back about a friend visiting for the summer?


ahahaha oh goodness laughs grandma for one thing u shouldnt match a poster what if you take it down?? laughs

I believe I do!!

If I remember right you were nervous cause it was your first time meeting them irl and you weren’t sure about alot of things? ; w;

I hope everything turned out alright!


Shuka is a new Studio formed by the director and some of the staff of Brain’s base I think

Yeah but that is literally all that is out there about it. That a producer from Drrr!! left brain base to make it and it has a bunch of staff from Baccano! and Durarara!! in it now

But im curious about like x x

Funding, animation style, what about my seiyuus??

even the trailer didnt show anything about the studio style it was just like official art that was zoomed in on with funky music in the bg laughs

quietly waits for Durarara!! air date

Anonymous asked:
Thank you for answering my question!


Im glad to help!

I know the anime can make it confusing with all the strange light changes x x

the big titty committee be like


Having to google internet slang your friend is using because you have no idea what the fuck it means.


Live stream doodles



someone in the chat talked about Trip writing Lion king fanfics! but he cant write so he just draws pictures !


back to ikebukuro it is.

i realize the first picture makes it look like they’re all off holding a naked orgy somewhere. this is true. all your drrr otps just happened simultaneously. you’re welcome.

seriously, though, is anyone else violently excited for season 2?

Anonymous asked:
Me and my grandma are having a debate. What color is Shizuo's suit?

As far as I know it is definitely black!

I was going to pull a quote from the light novels to show you but I got kind of distracted rereading them as soon as I opened them ;;;;;;;;

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anime dont mean shit if the opening sucks